Wimpy Boy Names

I HATE wimpy boy names.  I cringe every time I hear that a baby boy was born and that his parents blessed him with one of these horrible, dismal, wimpy little names.

Spencer, Logan, Cooper, Preston, Chance, Jasper.  I’m sorry, but these names are horrible.  I picture a mother nasally yelling for her lost little four year old in the grocery store, “Spencer?….Oh, Spencer?”  These names get worse to own once the boy has become a man.  No adult male should be named Cooper.

I like the name Aiden but after Aiden appeared on Sex and The City, the name blew up and now it’s like if you name your kid Aiden, he will have 32 classmates with the same name.  It was an original name that became non-original.  Never a good story.

Boy’s names are tricky.  It’s hard to find a name that falls in good hanging balance between normal and boring (Dave, Mike, Brian) and wimpy and annoying like the names listed above.

Having a boy?  Good luck choosing a non-horrid name!

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4 Responses to Wimpy Boy Names

  1. Kristin says:

    Just found out my ex’s sister is naming her baby Zander. WTF is a Zander. Original, yes. Something you wanna scream in bed. Definitely not.

  2. CA says:

    Great article. Other wimpy names to me are – Tad, Ted, Malcolm, Louis. Went out w/ 2 of the 4, and saying their name was odd to me. Nice lookin’ guys w/ unfortunately wimpy names.

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