A Toilet Seat Cover Epiphany

You know how sometimes you just have a random epiphany and then the world seems to make a little bit more sense?  That happened to me today…when I realized I’ve been using toilet seat covers upside down my entire life. 

I always get annoyed when the toilet seat cover doesn’t entirely blanket over the toilet seat so I layer toilet paper over it to cover the exposed parts because I’d rather die by firing squad than have any part of my body touch a random toilet seat.  And sometimes I fold some toilet paper to cover the front center of the toilet right where the seat sides stop because once again, I’d rather be ripped to shreds by a firing squad than come into contact with it.  Today I realized that if I just turn the cover around, the wider part is at the front of the seat and there is a built in center piece so I don’t have to create one!  DUH-mazing!

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2 Responses to A Toilet Seat Cover Epiphany

  1. Ronn Buemi says:

    Oh Mi GAWD…… There you go again with another toilet story!!!!! (And I wonder why you barely speak to me when we are together………. next time I want to get your attention I’ll start talking about certain toilet situations!)
    Much Luv,

  2. joanned says:

    look at that. im learning something new from a 29 year old.

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