VIP Messes With Your Standards

Today I went to my first Dodger game of the season, and my fifth game of all time. A friend that I’ll refer to as Taurus, invited me to go the night before. Sure, I’ll check out a Dodger game. Taurus didn’t tell me the seats were seven rows behind home plate with access to the Dugout Club- a free, full-on, food lover’s dream buffet. The car’s temperature reading was 104 degrees as we left the valley and cooled to a breezy 96 degrees when we reached Dodger Stadium. I dressed cool but knew I was a target for dehydration, sunburn and extreme sweating. I tried to give myself a pep talk. “Nichole, you will just drink beers to stay cool. When has beer ever failed you? It will be fine. Maybe our seats will have shade.”

Then I was lead to the most glorious stadium basement I could ever imagine. Food stations, giant bar and seventh row seats behind home plate? I could almost pinch the player’s asses from there. We would watch an inning, come in and cool off, go back outside for another sun blazing inning, come back inside for a beer refill and cool down. It was quite lovely but this is a problem…the problem of VIP treatment.

The problem with VIP treatment is that you never want to go back to the cheap seats. It feels like an instant downgrade in both the game view and overall experience. I feel like I can only attend Dodgers games now if it includes Dugout Club access. VIP…you just screwed me.

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