Math With The Masses

It is a challenge for me to mingle with the masses, mainly because I hate them, but what I witnessed at Old Navy yesterday makes me want to eternally hide from all humanity.

A woman held up a $40 sweater and asked her husband what 75% off of $40 was.  Seriously?  How could I not shoot a stare of judgment and horror in her direction over this elementary math equation?  Even more shocking, the husband answered, “I don’t know.”  So there are two of you, equally as clueless?  Well I’m just glad you two found eachother!  Sadly, they were pushing a baby boy in a stroller.  All I could think was, “Poor kid.  Your parents won’t be much help to you with math homework after grade 2.

I’m not a math genius by any means but people, come on!  If you can’t figure out simple percentages, you shouldn’t be eligible for the sale.  “Sorry, you’re a moron.  So you have to pay full price.”

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