The Bachelor Nation Van? Yes, Please!

"Chris, will you accept this rose?" "Yes, Ben. I will."

As you may know, my friends and I love the ABC comedy series, “The Bachelor”.  We all get together Monday night to view the dignity-stealing, two-hour wreck with dinner and wine and we laugh over our own commentary.  It’s pretty amazing.

I was scanning Twitter today and because I follow Chris Harrison (duh.), I came across the fact that The Bachelor Nation Van, complete with past cast members, will be stopping by viewing parties this Monday night.  While trying not to pee my pants with excitement, I quickly alerted my friends and we sent many reply-to-all emails to each other planning out the logistics of this Monday night.  We HAVE to get picked! 

To get chosen, you needed to send an email to The Bachelor Nation Van people.  The following was my email:

Hello Bachelor Nation Van!

My six friends and I have a Bachelor Viewing every week in our

makeshift Fantasy Suite, complete with dinner, wine and a hot tub (ok,

no hot tub) and would love for you to stop by for the most dramatic

Bachelor viewing in Bachelor history.  We are a co-ed group, which

makes for less tears and even more hilarious commentary.  You will not

be disappointed.  We will even have a ‘First Impression’ rose to hand

out to the former cast member who opens up the most!

Please stop by!  We will wait for you on our balcony marked with a

‘Bachelor Fantasy Suite’ banner and if you do not arrive, we will

hysterically cry over the balcony in a more dramatic fashion than

Jason Mesnick.

Waiting in a sequined dress to receive a rose,


(address was included but removed for the purpose of this blog so that I’m not stalked by any number of my regular readers)

After this email… could the Bachelor Nation Van NOT show up?

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