About Lift Off To 30

This is a blog.  This is a blog on drugs.  This blog consists of daily entries leading up until the day I collapse into the fetal position and lose my sense of speech  turn 30.  These daily entries cover a wide range of topics such as life experiences I swear only happen to me, funny stories you will be better for after reading, thoughts that have boggled my mind for the majority of my life, random shit I notice and must share since nobody else was a witness, conversations I have with my vacuum-obsessed mother, and anything else I think is worth sharing and/or will provide all of my attractive and intelligent readers with enlightenment and laughs.  This is my lift off to 30.  Join me?  Leaving in 3…2…1…


2 Responses to About Lift Off To 30

  1. Shellie Berninzoni says:

    Hello Nichole -William and Lisa sent me this link. May I just say – I only made it through “Is everything Okay in there?” and was laughing so hard it almost made me pee my pants! Thanks for the great comic relief and I look forward to reading all of the other posts! I hope things are well for you, and I am so sorry about the loss of your Grandma! Take care!

    Shellie Berninzoni

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